Control Systems (PLC based)

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Industrial Control Systems (PLC Based).

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's). 

Superior Systems uses a variety of PLC's in it's control systems.
Mitsubishi, Omron, Siemens and Allen Bradley are our first choice controllers
But we can also supply other makes if you have your own preference.

Mitsubishi PLC Range

L Series PLCMELSEC L Series

The MELSEC-L Series will innovate and evolve your production site by providing flexibility and excellent ease-of-use

The MELSEC-L Series has been designed based on a passion for  monozukuri (creation), trustworthy technology and reliability. This  concept also applies to system installation and operation.

The L series is a powerful but compact modular controller with many  features built-in to the CPU itself. With its excellent cost performance and usability it is ideal for use in mid-size control applications.

The rack-free design promotes high system flexibility with minimum  form factor. The single-CPU architecture includes built-in Ethernet and  Mini-USB interfaces, an SD or SDHC memory card slot for program storage and  data logging, and 24 digital I/O for simple high-speed counting and  positioning functions. The high-performance CPU also includes a CC-Link  V2 Master or Local station for connection to the powerful open field  network CC-Link.

Besides the functions already built-in, the CPU  can be supplemented with up to 10 extension and special function modules for additional digital and analogue I/O, high-speed counters,  communications interfaces, Simple Motion, positioning etc.

The  compact size, easy expandability, networking capabilities, and multitude of built-in high-powered functions makes the L series ideal for both  stand-alone machines as well as networked stations in larger  applications.


Q Series PLCMELSEC Q Series

MELSEC-Q Series: its powerful performance takes the Q Series to levels rarely seen by other PLCs before.

As the requirements of manufacturing evolve daily, the next  generation MELSEC-Q Series, with its nano speed processing, can  dramatically improve system and machine performance.

Basic and advanced PLC CPUs, specialist motion and process controllers  and even PCs can be combined into a single SystemQ solution with up to  four different CPUs. This gives users a choice of control philosophies,  programming concepts and programming languages all from a single  platform.

Flexibility and scalability are key design features that enable System Q to truly be a single Automation Platform. Users can apply simple  control to an individual machine or integrated plant wide management all from the same hardware base.

Mitsubishi FX3UMELSEC FX3U Series is the third generation of Mitsubishi Electric's successful compact PLC family. Developed for the international market, the new controllers feature a special second "adapter bus" system, which complements the existing system bus used for expansion, special function and network modules. Up to ten additional modules can be connected to this new adapter bus.
The FX3U controllers also impress with their speed (0.065┬Ás per logical instruction), a significantly larger instruction set with a total of 209 instructions and improved functions and modules, particularly for positioning tasks. Other improvements include enhanced communications capabilities with Ethernet, USB and RS-422 mini DIN connectors.

The enhanced networking support has also increased the I/O capacity of the new flagship model, which can now be expanded to a maximum of 384 I/O, including networked connections.

Advantages of the FX3U at a glance:

Safe investment - Fully compatible with the existing MELSEC FX series; IEC 61131-3 programming; plenty of reserves for later updates

  • Tailored configurations - Choose from a comprehensive range of products for positioning,
    analogue signals and communications
  • Powerful positioning control - Internal high-speed counters and pulse outputs (100kHz) in all base units
  • New counter and pulse outputs (200 kHz), bus-capable servo system for controlling up to 16 axes
    with transfer speeds of 50Mbps
  • Fast installation and configuration - 209 ready-to-use instructions
  • Integrated automation - Modules, functions and instructions are all precisely geared to
    Mitsubishi automation technology
  • Outstanding value for money - The performance of a medium-scale PLC system for the price of a micro PLC

Omrons entry-level modular PLC with a big potential

Omron CP1HThe smallest members of the CJ1 family are fully upward-compatible to the CJ1G/H and CS1 series regarding instruction set, communication commands and memory organisation. Now even small machines can be built in a consistently modular way, reducing the cost to enhance, expand or customise machines without a complete redesign of the control system.


  • Entry-level modular PLC, compatible with CJ1G/H-series
  • CPUs with built-in pulse I/O for fast and easy motion control, or with Ethernet interface for easy integration.
  • IEC 61131-3 Structured Text programming, extensive function block libraries
  • Transparent communication routing through different networks
  • CompactFlash memory card slot for data storage and program exchange.